Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Revolutions
American project; because the\\' want to\r\nbe just like us; because they w ant to he us.\r\nAs Heniing\\va\\ would ha\\c said, "Isn't\r\nit prett\\' to tbink so." Since September\r\n11, few Americans can be tliinking prettily\r\n—except niavbe John Miller, National\r\nReview's resident immigration enthusiast\r\nand chief assimilation strategist. And —\r\nwho knows?—perhaps not e\\'en he. i\\merican\r\njournalists, like Americans general-\r\nK', ha\\c to grow up sometime —don't\r\ntiiey?\r\n— Chilton Willuwifion, jr.\r\nV I C E N T E FOX, Mexico's president,\r\nbegan his state \\isit to Washington in\r\nSeptember b\\' issuing a public challenge\r\nto President George W. Bush to grant\r\namncsh to millions of illegal Mexican\r\naliens in the United States b\\ year's end.\r\nHe said he wanted a "bilateral migrarion\r\nagreement" that would eusme that "all\r\nMexicans entering the United States did\r\nso with the proper documents."\r\nW'liat President Fox realK- wants is for\r\neven Mexican w ho mav ever wish to li\\ e\r\nin the United States to be free to do so.\r\nHe also wants millions of his conntr\\nien\r\nwho are already here to be "legalized."\r\nLegalization would happen in waves,\r\nand tcmporar^ work restrictions would\r\nhalt low-skilled w orkers like mcatpackers\r\nor waiters from moving into higherskilled\r\njobs.\r\nPresident k'ox's challenge stems from\r\nhis desire to create a "North American\r\ncommon market" similar to Kruope's,\r\nwhich would allow free...

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