Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Revolutions
more has been heard about the need for\r\nwarrants. The logie is sini]3le: Would an\\\r\ninternet ser\\iee pro\\"ider Hke it to be\r\nknown tiiat it had dela\\ed or ()l:)strueted\r\nthe VV>1 in a quest for information that\r\nmight ha\\e ])re\\ented more airliners from\r\nbeing hijaeked, more buildings from being\r\nblown up? The c|uestion is absurd:\r\nC'arui\\()re is here to sta\\.\r\nBut this is not simpb a eontliet between\r\neffeetixe |5olieing and ei\\ il-liberlarian\r\nidealism, between good eo].is and\r\nnai\\e eggheads. If the I'BI or au\\ odier\r\nagene\\ has an\\' reasonable suspieion that\r\niutereeptiug eoninnuiieations might\r\nlielp suppress terrorism, 1 w isli it\r\nin its endeavors, khe problem is that, in\r\nmost instanees, this is just not going to\r\nha|5|5en, and random trawls ean e\\en do\r\nmore harm than good. BasiealU, too\r\nmueh informahon ean cnerwhelm a s\\stem,\r\ne\\en if the indi\\idnal pieees of iulonuation\r\nare prieeless.\r\nI he prineiple ean be ilhistrated from\r\nan\\ autiterrorist or eountersubxersion\r\nwar, from N'ietnam to Algeria to Ulster.\r\nTime and again, seeurit\\" forees lia\\x'\r\ntried lo pull in lumdreds or e\\en thousands\r\nof snspeets, who are either not interrogated\r\nthoroughU , or who produec\r\nso uuieh information that the s\\stem is\r\ns\\\\ amped. k'ar better to round up a do/eu\r\nor so aeti\\ ists who ean be interrogated in\r\ndepth, widi the iniormation |3ro]5erK- anaK/\r\ned and assimilated, khose wars,...

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