Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Revolutions
CULTURAL REVOLUTIONS\r\nT E R R O R I S T AITACKS in New York\r\nCit\\- and Washington, D.C., ha\\e focused\r\nthe attention of nian\\ on the dangers\r\nof miHtant Lslam. Bnt as nsnal, onr\r\n\\acnons talking heads and eHtes arc oxerlooking\r\ndie two most important aspects of\r\ndie attack: die rc\\ i\\al of die eentnrics-okl\r\n\\ iolent conflict betw ecu Islam and Clirishanih',\r\nand die growing ca]5acit\\ and sophisticahon\r\nof non-state organizations to\r\nchallenge die nation-state.\r\nHistf)rian John Kcegan tells ns that "Islam\r\nhas blood\\' borders." We must look\r\nwith a jaundiced e\\e on diose who claim\r\nthese terrorist acts represent onh" a tin\\\r\nsplinter group of cra/cd fanatics —the\r\nimplicahon being that all other Muslims\r\nare peaceful liberal democrats just like\r\nns. Granted, these acts of \\ iolencc are\r\nbeing conducted b\\ a fanatical miuorih,\r\nbnt the 'IV scenes of mobs cheering in\r\nplaces like Islamabad and Gaza demonstrate\r\nthat riierc is grow iiig support for jihad\r\nupon die C'hristian \\ \\ est, parheularly\r\ndie United States. Onr rctaliator\\- acts\r\nwill onl\\^ foster more snp]3ort for terrorists\r\nin Islamic countries.\r\nl^ntnrc historians iiia\\ well \\iew September\r\nII, 2001. as die opening blow of\r\ndie latest round in die clash between Islam\r\nand Ghristendom. Israeli historian\r\nMartin \\aii Crexckl reminds us: "If the\r\ngrowing iiiilitane\\ of one religion conhnnes,\r\nit almost will compel odiers to follow\r\nsuit....

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