Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Revolutions
CHRONICLES' BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKS\r\n* Christmas Past\r\nOLD TIME RELIGION: TRADITION & FUNDAMENTALS—December 2000—\r\nThomas Fleming charts the path from tradition to annihilation, Harold O.J. Brown examines\r\nthe tension hetwecn revelation and tradition, Philip Jenkins predicts the future of traditional\r\nChristianity, and Steven Wilkins explains how the American South kept covenant\r\nwith God. Plus Alberto Carosa on the life of Blessed Pope Pius IX.\r\nBack Issue #:T00& $7.00\r\nCHRISTOS Y2K: CHOOSE YOUR MILLENNIUM—December I9W—Thomas\r\nFleming on the new religions of dinosaurs, AIDS, and race, Philip Jenkins on how\r\nMatthew Shepard replaced Jesus Christ, and Harold O.J. Brown on the coming of the\r\nThird Age. Plus Jeffrey Meyers on traveling through Jamaica, Janet Scott Barlow on the\r\nNew York Times and compassion, and an expose of the Russian banking scandal.\r\nBack Issue #:T99& $7.00\r\nHEALINC THE SCHISM—December 1998—Father Hugh Barbour lays the ground\r\nfor an anti-ccumcnical ecumenism, Harold O.J. Brown presents the Protestant view of\r\nchurch unity, and Wayne Allensworth explains what's wrong with Western evangelism in\r\nRussia. Plus Thomas Fleming on ecumenism, universalism, and empire and Samuel\r\nFrancis on paieo-Malthusianism.\r\nBack Issue #:T98& $7.00\r\nNATION UNDER GOD—December 1997—Thomas Fleming praises intolerance, D.\r\nGeorge Ixech outlines a Christian foreign policy, William A. Donohue discusses anti-\r\nCatholicism...

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