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Cultural Marxists and the Stranglehold of “Race”

One of the subjects that most self-styled conservatives seem incapable of discussing in any depth—indeed, it is one they often flee from like mice before the hungry house cat—is race.  The general feeling always seems to be that anything a prominent conservative might say on the topic—unless he is offering some sort of fearful confirmation or slightly nuanced affirmation of the standard leftist/Cultural Marxist positions—will be construed by the media, politicians, and academic elites as “racially insensitive,” or implicitly (or even explicitly) “racist.”

Many of these accusations are, of course, blatantly political.  We are now accustomed to hearing such charges, such intimations and suggestions, trotted out at election time to slander and vilify a Republican or “conservative” candidate for public office, even if that candidate has already paid due homage to the dominant and standard politically correct views on the subject.  Even such Republican establishmentarians as Mitt Romney and George W. Bush could not avoid the accusation from the media and from the professional race baiters.  To satisfy today’s self-appointed inquisitors, it is not enough to avoid giving an embarrassing answer to their difficult questions designed to entrap; one must actively engage in “combatting racism” to the point of groveling publicly and expressing regret...

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