Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Lunacy

What do you get if you cross six Catholic bishops with five "Christian feminists"? The answer: economic ignorance and cultural lunacy. In what has to qualify as the meeting from Purgatory, the bishops and the feminists met for eight and a half years. As a committee of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB), they conferred with each other and traveled around the country to "dialogue" with 75,000 feminists. The result, released last June, is "Called To Be One in Christ Jesus: A Pastoral Response to the Concerns of Women for Church and Society."

Two previous drafts of this document were rejected by the majority of American bishops. The third, which was first considered last June and was scheduled to be voted on in revised form last month, deserves to meet the same fate, because it's still the gospel according to NOW. "We denounce sexism as a moral and social evil," says the document, which also condemns "machismo," "insensitivity," and male "lack of interest." But what exactly is "sexism"? Not acting immorally, unjustly, or uncharitably toward women; that has always been a sin. It is rather the political iniquity of seeing men and women as different. Surely we are not called to be identical in Christ, but to these bishops and their feminist comrades, ACLU offenses are the real ones.

Women, the authors tell us with...

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