Crusader in the Crossfire

In January, I was tasked by the London Daily Telegraph to track Rick Santorum through the wilds of New Hampshire.  Following his impressive gains in Iowa, many were giving Santorum good odds for winning the Granite State’s presidential primary.  His appeal was a mix of religion and class war.  At an Elks Lodge in Salem, I heard him talk about the link between God and blue-collar jobs.  “The values of the American Constitution are found in small towns,” he claimed,

and when those small towns die those values die, too.  Look at the electoral map and you’ll see that all the small town areas are red and all the urban areas are blue.  As the manufacturing jobs fall, so the small town dies and the urban areas grow.  If we’re not careful, we could end up seeing an America where the values of Obama are more popular than the values of Santorum.

The Washington Post opined that Rick Santorum was “channeling Pat Buchanan.”  It reminded its readers that “Buchanan scored an upset win in New Hampshire’s 1996 primary by consolidating a group of working-class voters stressed over threats to manufacturing jobs and a smaller bloc of anti-abortion Catholics.  That’s the alliance Santorum is seeking to put together.”  If Santorum really was pursuing this...

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