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Criticizing Federal Intrusiveness

“Hate crimes” legislation and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation were the topics of the June 12 edition of C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, which featured a debate between Kenneth Connor of the Family Research Council and Elizabeth Birch of the Human Rights Campaign, “America’s largest gay and lesbian organization.”

Connor criticized the federal intrusiveness that would result from expanding anti-discrimination law to include homosexuals.  He argued that the federal government has no business dictating employment criteria to proprietors.  Birch asserted that this meant Connor ultimately wanted to repeal Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which he denied.  To the contrary: Connor claimed that Title VII’s classes are legitimate but that adding sexual orientation would be wrong because homosexuality is a behavior.  

Curious if the Family Research Council has formalized this opinion, I went to its website and found an assessment by Dr. Timothy J. Dailey ( of the legislation in question: the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  “It grants special rights to homosexuals while ignoring those of employers,” he writes.  “The federal government should not force private businesses to abandon their moral principles.”  However, Dr. Dailey also defends the current...

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