Public Plunder

Cracks in the Crystal Ball

As the 21st century began, Americans appeared to have every reason to consider themselves the most fortunate citizens in the world.  Though there are problems in virtually every sector of our society, resolutions are still within our reach and capabilities.

Although the abundant nonrenewable natural resources our forebears found for the taking have largely been depleted, we still have copious renewable resources of fertile land and its produce and have demonstrated the innovative capability to synthesize replacements for the nonrenewable resources that are being exhausted.  Our tradition of hard work, plus saving for investment, unfettered by government and protected by law, has accumulated the necessary capital, progressive technology, and diversification of commerce to enable the highest and most broadly distributed income and standard of living for the average American.  This productivity has also enabled nutrition, public utilities, and healthcare that have more than doubled life spans since the founding, as well as military defense capabilities unrivaled by any potential foe.

Since the founding, America’s stock of human capital has multiplied manifold as well.  One of the highest birthrates in the world and the immigration of people seeking the privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship combined as a driving force for more than two centuries of economic growth, without diminishing...

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