Covington Catholic and the Hour of Decision

Nicholas Sandmann, a young teenager unwittingly made the centerpiece of the Covington Catholic media attack, will never have the chance to restore his online presence, despite his innocence. The internet’s permanence—negative, false and defamatory articles and headlines never ceasing to appear upon a Google search of the word “Sandmann”—will function as a perpetual thorn in Nicholas’s side throughout his adolescence and entire adult life.
—L. Lin Wood & Todd McMurtry,
attorneys for Nicholas Sandmann

Except for my time in college and a few years living in Washington, D.C., I have spent my entire life in Central Kentucky. I live less than 90 miles from Covington Catholic High School, and like most Kentuckians, I was familiar with the school  chiefly due to its success in high school athletics and its fervent student cheering section. The Covington Catholic Colonels have won over 20 state championships in numerous sports, including two “Sweet Sixteens.” The Sweet Sixteen is a championship tournament in which high schools of every size across basketball-crazed Kentucky compete.

Recently, Covington Catholic students have had to endure a fight far more difficult than any athletic competition. Left-wing evangelists and their accomplices in the national media recklessly used high school students as cannon...

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