Cultural Revolutions

Courting the Catholic Vote

The current Presidential race has witnessed an unprecedented drive, especially by the GOP, to court the Catholic vote.  Democrats, who for decades snookered Catholics into believing that theirs was the party of the laborer and the immigrant, are finding their social-justice platform of little use among Catholics who find Democrat enthusiasm for infanticide and “gay marriage” repugnant.  Blessed-are-the-peacemaker Catholics (like the Holy Father) can take no more solace in the voting record of Senator Kerry than they can in the foreign policy of the Bush administration.  There remain pro-life Catholics who still feel the pull of loyalty to the Democratic Party, but their numbers are decreasing.

While a small number of courageous bishops have denied Communion to pro-abortion candidates, at least one has seemingly lowered the stakes to the partisan level.  René Henry Gracida, bishop emeritus of Corpus Christi, has published a letter (enjoying wide internet circulation) in which he describes Senator Kerry as “completely for abortion on demand,” President Bush as “in favor of greatly restricting abortion,” and Michael Peroutka as “universally recognized as being unelectable.”  In case you cannot connect the dots, Bishop Gracida does it for you at the end of his letter: “Those Catholics who love moral absolutes would have no choice but to vote for Peroutka,...

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