In the Dark

Counting on Rosary Beads

The Legend of Tarzan
Produced by Jerry Weintraub Productions 
Directed by David Yates 
Screenplay by Adam Cozad and Craig Brewer
from the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories 
Distributed by Warner Brothers 

The Conjuring 2
Produced by New Line Cinema 
Directed by James Wan 
Screenplay by Carey and Chad Hayes 
Distributed by Warner Brothers 

The Legend of Tarzan begins in the Belgian Congo with its villain, Léon Rom (Christoph Waltz), a small blond man with a sinister, twisted face.  His right hand is wrapped with what looks like a set of Islamic prayer beads, which he soon uses to choke an African tribesman to death.  Won’t CAIR lodge a protest? I wondered.  Would the scene provoke another terrorist attack such as the one in Benghazi in 2012?  Why had the film’s director, David Yates, taken such a risk?  Then I noticed the crucifix attached to the beads.  What a relief!  They weren’t Islamic after all.  They were a rosary!  Despite the religious item being used in such a hideous manner, no one was likely to complain loudly, much less riot murderously.  Furthermore, this was straight realism.  Everyone knows Catholics...

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