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Corporate Responsibility: An Indecent Proposal

This past semester a group of bored yet curious students at my university invited faculty to participate in a lunch-hour debate.  When the organizers first contacted me they referenced several of my former students who praised my heretical outspokenness as key to my selection.  They hoped I might provoke their classmates into actions more meaningful than dreaming about their cubicle-bound summer internships or feathering their LinkedIn pages.  The invitation sparked two thoughts—one naive, and the other realistic.  The Pollyanna in me hoped that my undergraduate references had finally tired of pabulum-spewing instructors hedging their every utterance to ward off the p.c. vigilantes’ unforgiving wrath.  Or, more likely, a cabal of tuition-paying radicals was setting me up.

Ever at the ready with their nooses and pitchforks in the form of iPhones and laptops, millennial social justice warriors offer no concessions in their barbaric war against any utterance even tangentially in support of the good, the true, and the beautiful.  I on the other hand, always on the lookout for a good argument while leery of my impending suicidal defenestration, agreed to take part under one condition: I get to propose the resolution up for debate.  One week before the event the other faculty participant and I met with two student coordinators to discuss a range of possible topics.  Like every other bubble-enclosed...

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