Contra War, Contra Neo-conned

Readers of Chronicles know that the American war with Iraq is worthy of condemnation on many levels.  Not only has it continued to earn our country the opprobrium of a number of Middle Eastern nations, and created frustration among many others, but the invasion and occupation of Iraq flies in the face of the classical Christian notion of a just war.  With some estimates of 100,000 Iraqi civilian casualties and close to 2,150 dead American soldiers (with more to come, as we show no sign of developing an exit strategy soon), more people—a recent poll indicates almost two thirds of the country—are beginning to ask, “What have we accomplished in Iraq?” and “Was it really worth it after all?”

The Neo-CONNED! volumes provide the most comprehensive analysis of the Iraq war to date.  They are the first products of Light in the Darkness Publications, the newest imprint of IHS Press, a Catholic publishing house dedicated to reintroducing works dealing with a wider knowledge and appreciation of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.  Many of the contributors will be familiar to Chronicles readers: Thomas Fleming, the late Samuel Francis, Thomas Ryba, Joseph Sobran, Paul Gottfried, and Pat Buchanan, among others.  Taken together, the Neo-CONNED! volumes supply readers with commentary and criticism from every angle: from the incompatibility...

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