Between the Lines

Contain the Caliphate

“Quarantine the aggressors!”  That line out of Franklin Roosevelt’s famous speech signaling the beginning of his open road to war with the Axis powers was much criticized by anti-interventionists, who correctly saw that the President was trying to undermine the great principle of neutrality which had, thus far, kept us out of the European war.  Yet there is one line out of that speech that, applied today, would advance the cause of peace and keep us out of the Middle Eastern quagmire in which we are already half-immersed, and which promises to drag us under in response to the Paris attacks carried out by ISIS.

“When an epidemic of physical disease starts to spread,” averred the President, “the community approves and joins in a quarantine of the patients in order to protect the health of the community against the spread of the disease.”

The Paris attacks have been the occasion for a renewed bout of warmongering by all the usual suspects: the neoconservatives, who take advantage of any pretext to begin the bloodletting; the liberal “humanitarian” interventionists, who—along with their neoconservative doppelgangers—have been agitating for U.S. military aid to the Syrian rebels in order to overthrow Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad; and now even the “cruise missile” commies, who have found a new foreign model state in the Kurds, who have apparently...

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