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Conspiring With Terror in the West

The liberal paradigm is dying before our eyes.  At twelve midday on March 22, Theresa May announced at Prime Minister’s Questions that she had sent her condolences to the family of Martin McGuinness, who had been the capo di capi of the IRA.  She had been preceded at the BBC by a high priest of that liberal church, John Simpson, who temperately compared McGuinness with Nelson Mandela.  (As Ben Jonson said of Donne’s tribute to Elizabeth Drury in “The Progress of the Soul,” “had it been of the Virgin Mary, it had been something.”)  The funeral of McGuinness was attended by (among other notables) former President Bill Clinton, who praised the departed hero as “honourable, strong and passionate,” a view not widely shared outside Ireland.  The former president was of course praising himself for being honourable, strong, and passionate, qualities he readily detected in McGuinness.  In the Commons, Mrs. May was heard in stony silence.  Two hours and 40 minutes after she had resumed her seat, an Islamic terrorist drove his car along the wide pavement of Westminster Bridge, mowing down many like rag dolls.  He then penetrated the perimeter of the Palace of Westminster before stabbing to death a policeman and being himself shot fatally.  His actions were notably similar to those of McGuinness, who had also been responsible for indiscriminate killings...

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