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Conservativs in the Crease

Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter, Mary, found a way to impregnate herself so that she and her lover, Heather Poe, whom Mary met while playing ice hockey 15 years ago, can rear a child.  Grandma is thrilled.  “Dick and I both are very much looking forward to this new baby,” said Lynne Cheney.  Mary will be a “great mom.”  President Bush told People that he was happy to hear the “good news,” adding, “I think Mary is going to be a loving soul to her child.  And I’m happy for her.”

So, it would seem, are National Review’s John Podhoretz and Jonah Goldberg.  When Concerned Women for America’s Janice Crouse called Mary’s behavior “unconscionable,” Podhoretz huffed, “This is disgusting.  The birth of a child is never unconscionable.  Adults who say such things about the impending birth of children are.”  Goldberg, who has “for years” endorsed civil unions for homosexuals, agreed and one-upped Podhoretz’s non sequitur: “Count me as a member of the Pod camp when it comes to Mary Cheney. . . . My guess is that Mary’s kid will do better in life than Britney’s.”

Mary Cheney’s pregnancy is a logical step in the career of a woman who has already run the homosexual-outreach program for Coors and published...

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