In the Dark

Compromised Fidelities

Produced by Anonymous Content 
and Participant Media
Director by Tom McCarthy
Screenplay by Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer
Distributed by Open Road Films

Produced by Groundswell Productions
Directed by Jay Roach
Screenplay by John McNamara
Distributed by Bleeker Street Media

In 2000, the Boston Globe hires Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) to be editor-in-chief.  Baron, a Jew, is to oversee a staff of Irish Catholics.  When he meets the paper’s investigative team, whose columns run in the Spotlight section, he asks them about the article they published on the pedophile priest John Geoghan.  Why, he asks Spotlight editor Robby Robinson (Michael Keaton), haven’t they followed up on the case?  Uh-oh.

Director Tom McCarthy, a Catholic, and his writer, Josh Singer, a Jew, were, it would seem, determined not to duck issues.  There is one issue, however, that they did duck, whether intentionally or not: the reliability of their research.

As the reporters act on Baron’s orders, one of them contacts Richard Sipe, a former priest who has published widely on clerical abuse.  His research has led him to conclude that six percent of priests have pedophiliac inclinations.  Mike Rezendes (Mark Ruffalo), the hot head...

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