Committing Political Suicide

The 109th Congress

The 109th Congress was ugly to behold.  Spendthrift, irresponsible, incompetent, corrupt—like the pigs who were transformed into the farmers they had displaced in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the Republicans ended up looking like the Democratic legislative establishment they had toppled just a dozen years before.

This proved to be politically inconvenient.  After all, it was no longer possible to frighten voters by repeating the usual mantra of prospective Democratic misdeeds when the Republican majority already was perpetrating most of them.  One disaffected GOP wag observed: “Yes, the Democrats would certainly be worse.  They would probably hire Islamofascist terrorists to kill their mistresses.  After forcing them to have abortions and gay marriages.”  The fact that Americans proved impervious to Republican scaremongering was only slightly more surprising than the fact that Republicans did not deploy the specter of mistress-murdering Islamofascist terrorists.

Some Republican Party apparatchiks have attempted to downplay the significance of their losses on November 7.  Yet it was through maldistricting that the Republicans limited their House losses, and the newly Democratic state legislatures will reverse that after the 2010 census.  In the Senate, Democrats took 24 of 33 contests, losing not one seat.  And the losses rolled down to the state...

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