Come, Sweet Death

In the spring of 1975, C. Everett Koop, M.D., addressed a conference of Christian laymen in New Orleans on the topic of abortion—more specifically, on the implications of Roe V. Wade. Among the changes he foresaw were a growing acceptance of infanticide as the "treatment of choice" for defective newborns and an increasing resort to euthanasia. All of these things evolved within the context of a modern/postmodern world that no longer takes seriously the biblical teaching that human beings are made in the image of their Creator (Genesis 1:26).

After Dr. Koop, the connection between abortion and euthanasia—which Prof Hans Millendorfer of Vienna called "methods in which killing represents a solution"—was stressed by other authorities, some equally eminent, others less so. The pro-abortion forces constantly denied it—at least then. Now the infanticide of "defective" newborns has become common, usually by simple neglect and deprivation of nourishment, and euthanasia is on the march. Britain legalized abortion in 1968; soon afterward, the Spectator predicted that "The abortion wave of the 'sixties will be the euthanasia wave of the 'eighties." It may not have come to pass so quickly in Britain, but in the United States we can fairly say that the abortion wave of the 70's has led to a euthanasia wave of the 90's. In the 21st century,...

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