Under the Black Flag

Code Yellow

Talk about the failure of fundamental journalism!  In any other profession—medical, legal, financial—the guilty party would be struck off.  In journalism, the guilty party—as in Rolling Stone—continues on its merry way of disinformation and downright fabrication.  Some Duke University lacrosse players must be nodding their heads, as in we’ve seen it all before.  Let’s start with Duke back in 2006.  Three lacrosse players, all white and top students, were accused and convicted by the media—TV, internet, newspapers like the New York Times, race hustlers, academics, and other such busybodies—long before they had an opportunity to defend themselves.  The charge was rape of an exotic dancer, hired to perform at a party off campus following a lacrosse game.

Actually, the exotic dancer was a stripper and worked as an escort, a euphemism for a prostitute.  She already had a conviction for stealing a taxi and leading the police on a high-speed chase.  Nevertheless, the accused were white, and she was a black woman, and those who believe every man to be a rapist went to town.  Well, after they had their say and the boys’ character had been assassinated, justice was served, and the boys went free after it was proved her charges were totally bogus.  The media, however, never apologized, nor was there an investigation...

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