Cultural Revolutions

Clinton's Nominee

Richard Holbrooke is President Clinton's nominee to replace Bill Richardson as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. This nomination stems from Holbrooke's role in imposing the Dayton Accords on Bosnia and Clinton's desire to exploit such interventions to convert the United States into the world's policeman. Recently, Holbrooke applied his heavy-handed tactics to Kosovo. Holbrooke declared he met with both Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, failed to negotiate a cease-fire, and implied that an American military response was required to impose a "settlement." Armed intervention was averted, in part, as a result of an open letter by Serbian Orthodox Bishop Artemije which revealed that Holbrooke never met with Serbs. By linking the Dayton Accords with the International War Crimes Tribunal on Bosnia, and then linking Kosovo with Bosnia, Holbrooke presented himself as a defender of human rights interested in prosecuting the crimes of mass murder and ethnic cleansing. His true character, however, was revealed two decades ago, in the "killing fields" of East Timor.

On December 7, 1975, Indonesia, after receiving approval from President Ford and Secretary of State Kissinger, invaded the Portuguese colony of East Timor. Lacking the military equipment necessary to overcome the island's mountainous terrain, Indonesia confined its occupation to the coast while most East Timorese escaped to the mountains. The...

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