Cultural Revolutions

Cleared the Way

Congress has cleared the way for women to fly in combat missions, and there can be little doubt that approval for the use of women in ground combat is not long in coming. If there are many who are disturbed by this aspect of the New World Order, they are remaining quiet. Apparently, most Americans have learned what the media call one of the "major lessons of the Gulf War": that women can perform in the military every bit as well as men.

The problem with restricting women from combat, we are told, is that it unfairly hinders their ability to ascend the military career ladder. Concerns for national defense, the needs of young children, or the protection of feminine virtues are of no great matter compared to careerism. An exchange reported in a recent issue of Newsweek between Major Kathleen Shields, a 17-year Army reservist in the 70th Division, and Representative Patricia Schroeder, a cosponsor of the House plan to remove women's barriers to combat, illustrates this nicely. Major Shields is quoted as saying, "Tell Pat Schroeder to get out of my boots. She's never been in the service and doesn't know what she's talking about," to which Representative Schroeder responded, "I'm not getting in her boots and I don't intend to. I'm ensuring her equality and removing barriers to her opportunity." It is clear that Representative Schroeder has a tin ear: can't she hear that Major...

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