Classical Christian Marriage

You can almost always rely on conservative politicians to surrender their principles, even before the first shot is fired.  Within a month of President Obama’s second inauguration, Republicans were already selling out on the marriage issue.  When the GOP leadership contrived the Defense of Marriage Act (1996), I said at the time that in making marriage a national issue they were giving Democrats the power to redefine marriage.  One does not have to be a libertarian to regard DOMA as a national-socialist attempt to solve moral problems by government action.  If women are marrying women or killing their babies, the solution is to define life and marriage, rewrite the U.S. Constitution, and empower the very political class that has led the revolution against moral decency and human nature.  It is as if the Soviets, realizing the need to privatize their economy, put Stalin and Trotsky in charge of the program.

Some good might have come out of this mistake, if only the conservative politicians were willing to maintain their supposed principles, show the flag, and rally the troops.  That is the argument I often hear when I object to the dangerous pro-family legislation advocated by many Catholic bishops.  Unfortunately, conservative Republicans—as we know from experience—only display courage when they are out of office.  As soon as they are elected,...

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