In Our Time

Class and Identity

Liberalism is an increasingly organized, coordinated, and aggressive assault upon human society, even the human race.  Its grotesquely perverted, officially imposed, and relentlessly enforced understanding of humanity and what it means to be a human being has sundered over the past half-century the historical connections between traditional societies and contemporary ones to the extent that the break between past civilizations and the modern pseudo ones is very likely irreparable—an accomplishment the destroyers of the classical civilization of the West, whose medieval and early modern successors evolved organically from it as substantially the same civilization raised to a higher power, failed to achieve.  If it seems unimaginable today that anything comparable to the former civilizations distinguished by their reverence for tradition, patrician values, standards, and tastes, intellectual and artistic seriousness, sensitivity to the natural harmonies, their idea of leisure as the opportunity for gentlemanly pursuits rather than the playtime of proles rich or poor—all these things given meaning by Christian (or some other) faith and sustained by a coherent social order—can ever be realized again, it is because absolutely nothing in the world of the 21st century offers so much as a hint at such a future, while everything indicates the opposite.  The large mass of men today, for whom civilization has no...

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