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Clash of Civilizations

I am a “liberal Democrat” who likes to read different perspectives on the many issues facing our country.  I picked up Chronicles to read your article on Rolling Stone’s and Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s egregious misreporting (“UVA: Facts Versus the Left’s Narrative,” News, June), which I’m interested in as a UVA alumna and parent.  When Mr. R. Cort Kirkwood asks, “Who but the editors of Rolling Stone and their gullible left-wing audience would believe such nonsense?  And do even they believe it?,” I’m struck not only by another example of partisan sneering (and yes, everyone’s doing it these days), but by the deep irony of one reporter accusing another of ignoring “Journalism 101.”  Why not just call a liberal Democrat and find out if she cares?  (I do and deeply, by the way.)

Erdely ought to write nothing but fiction, Will Dana ought to be fired, and I’ll never look at Rolling Stone again.  That said, I and so many of my friends and acquaintances continue to be dismayed at the depth of partisanship that taints so much reporting, on all sides and even in book reviews.  Might Dr. Clyde Wilson’s rather sweeping declaration that some sort of “cleansing” is taking place in Southern states...

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