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Citizen Murdoch

If Rupert Murdoch gets his way, all Earthlings will read one newspaper and watch one television station.  And Murdoch will own both.  So even before the Media Monster That Ate New York and London had the Wall Street Journal for dessert, the liberal-media elite flew into a rage worthy of the Tasmanian Devil.  He’ll interfere, they bayed.  He’ll wreck the newsroom, they barked.  He’ll put profits before good journalism, they brayed.  Whether any or all of these calamities come to pass, the liberal-media elites, as one would expect, opposed Murdoch’s acquisition of the Journal for the wrong reasons.

Murdoch’s News Corporation is a globe-straddling, eye-popping behemoth: It owns FOX News, the Times of London, the Australian, as well as myriad smaller companies too numerous to mention.  Murdoch also owns the book publisher HarperCollins.  The whole kit and caboodle is worth some $70 billion.  If you wanted to prove Balzac’s maxim that a crime lies behind every immense fortune, Murdoch’s bazillion-dollar media kingdom would be a good place to sniff around.

Owned by the Bancroft family, Dow Jones is the century-old company that publishes the Wall Street Journal, the Ottaway dailies, and Barron’s.  The Journal also owns its share of Pulitzer prizes...

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