Chronicles Intelligence Assessment

Chronicles Intelligence Assessment
tliat, "last \\ car, sources in Jordan sa\\-, the Mukliaharat, the intelligence\r\nseniee, alerted the C.I.A. to at least three plots h\\ Bosnian-\r\nbased Islamic terrorists to attack U.S. targets in k'.urope."\r\nWhile an elaborate Islamic terror nehvork was de\\ eloping\r\nin Bosnia, Osairia bin Laden w as busy looking for fresh\r\nopportunities in the Balkans. During the NATO war against\r\nSerbia, in Ma\\- 1999, U.S. Sen. Jinr Inhofe warned that, if\r\n.\\mcriean troops went into Kosovo, thev would be fighting\r\nalongside a terrorist organization known to finance its operations\r\n\\\\ idi drug sales —including some to die United States. h>\r\nhofe was one of the few legislators to complain that, h\\ joining\r\nhands with the KI A, the L^nited States would also become partners\r\nwirii Osama bin Laden.\r\nSix monfiis before Hie NATO bombing, the Jerusalem Post\r\nreported that Bosnia was the first basfion of Llamic power in the\r\nformer Yugoslavia, but Kosovo promised to be the second\r\n(Steve Rodan, "Kosovo seen as new Llamic basfion," September\r\n14, 1998). Tlie Albanians had been provided with financial\r\nand militarv support from Islamic countries, the report confinued,\r\nand they were bolstered by hundreds oi mujahideen from\r\nAlbania. "US defense officials say die support includes that of\r\nOsama Bin Laden," and die Defense Department confirmed\r\nthat bin Laden's Al Qaeda organization supported Muslim\r\nfighters in both Bosnia and Kosovo. The report quoted...

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