Chronicles Intelligence Assessment

Chronicles Intelligence Assessment
Mast to \\()iHi America.\r\nIn tlic wake of Septcnibci's terrorist attacks, it was rc]K)rtcd\r\nthat Muslim authorities had issued a lk)siuan passport to\r\nOsama bin Laden at tlic l^osnian cmhass\\- in \\'ienna in 199s.\r\nThe l/etbcgo\\ic go\\ernnicnt tiiirs facilitated the moxement ot\r\ntlie man who had, b\\ that time, alread\\ acquired a reputation as\r\na dangerous terrorist. Another bcnefieiar\\ of Bosnian citizenship\r\nand passport was Abu /ubeida, a Palestinian from C^7aza\r\nand one of bin l.aclen's top lieutenants. He was in charge of\r\ncontacts with other Islamic terrorist networks and sent recruits\r\nto terrorist training camps in iAfghanistau. He arranged training\r\nfor unsuccessful bomb plots in Canada and Jordan at the turn\r\nof the centur)- and a receuth foiled suicide attack on Hie U.S.\r\nembassy in Paris.\r\nUnder the Da\\ton Peace Accords that ended the Bosnian\r\nwar, all Islamic xolunteers who fought with the Muslim\r\ng<)\\ernment's arm\\ were supposed to lea\\e the country. Several\r\nhundred, however, took o\\ er the Serbian village of Boeinja\r\nDonja, near the industrial eit\\- of Zenica in central Bosnia, and\r\nprovided instruction to local Muslim forces in terrorist activities.\r\nI'hey first attracted attention on December 18, 1995 when\r\na ear bomb prematurel}' exploded in Zenica. It was apparently\r\nmeant for American troops stationed nearbv, as re\\enge for the\r\nsentencing of Sheik Omah Abdel Rahman in connection with\r\nthe first World...

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