Chronicles Intelligence Assessment

Chronicles Intelligence Assessment
CHRONICLES INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT\r\nOsama bin Laden: The Balkan Connection\r\nT lie II.S. and British cinlwssics were shut down in Saraje\\{)\r\non October 17 after receixing threats from Bosnian Nhislinis\r\nand tlicir foreign coreligionists resident in Bosnia who jjrofess\r\nontrage at the l)oinbing of Mghanistan. "This step has been\r\ntaken dne to a credible secnrih threat to the official U.S. presence\r\nin Bosnia-I Ierzego\\"ina," a U.S. official told the Associated\r\nPress. Anreriean and Brihsh cih/cns w orking in Bosnia were also\r\n\\\\arned to take extra preeantions. Bosnia is turning from a\r\nnuilhcnltural, mnltiethnie protectorate of the New World Order\r\ninto an Islamic threat to Western interests.\r\nB\\' now, we ha\\'e all heard that Osama bin Laden's rise to\r\nnear-m\\thical status in the Muslim world was inihalK facilitated\r\nb\\ the sn|)port he and other fnndamentalist Muslims receixed\r\nfrom the United States following the So\\iet invasion of\r\n/Vfghanistan in December 1979. But according to former CIA\r\ndirector Robert Gates, the U.S. intelligence serxices began to\r\narm the imijahkk'L'ii ex en before tlie Soxiet interxention.\r\nThis has been confirmed bx' President Carter's national secnrih"\r\nadxisor at the Hme, Zbigniexx Brzezinski, xxho told the\r\nb'reneh xxecklx Le Noiivel Ohsenateiir in [anuarx 1998 that\r\nCarter signed the first directixe for secret aid to the opponents of\r\nthe pro-Sox ict regime in Kalsrd on Jrd\\- 3, 1979: "That xerx'...

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