Christmas in Sodom

How do you celebrate Christmas in Sodom?

I know—it’s not a cheery thought.  And by posing the question, I run the risk of anachronism.  There were over four centuries between the time when Abraham pleaded on behalf of his favorite nephew’s adopted hometown and Moses’ accounting of it in Genesis.  And of course, Christmas was not established in the West until well after the actual Nativity of Jesus, which places the first Feast of the Nativity over two millennia after the reduction of that greatest of Cities of the Plain to ashes by divine fire.

Here we are, two more millennia hence, and, as you may have guessed, what I mean to suggest is that Sodom is a type of the American city—any American city, take your pick.  Sodom is our reality.  Our citizens are not only enveloped in moral and theological perversion but obligated to recognize the legitimacy of that perversion in the public square, according to the Supreme Court.  With Obergefell in 2015, America time-traveled back through Genesis to the Creation itself, where marriage was instituted by God, and officially gave it and Him the finger.

Sodom is our reality, but Obergefell did not create that reality.  We’ve been slouching toward Gomorrah for some time—and in more ways than one. ...

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