Christians Against Terrorism

Tony Blair is mad—really mad.  Nasty people keep blowing up things in his London, and he is going to do something about it.  At a press conference in late July, he told the world that he wants to make it illegal for British subjects to leave Britain for advanced terrorist training in Pakistan.  The hidden premise of his proposal is the good news that Britain is now breeding so many homegrown Islamic terrorists that she no longer has to import them.  Nonetheless, British Muslims do lag behind in one important respect: They have to send apprentice terrorists to Pakistan to complete their training under the benevolent eye of President Musharraf, President Bush’s ally in the “War on Terror.”

Of course, it might be easier and vastly more effective if Mr. Blair simply expelled subcontinental Muslims from Britain and enacted a strict immigration policy, but such a step would entail a religious conversion from the goofy liberal pietism that has poisoned his will to the Christian chivalry of Charles Martel and Don John of Austria.  Determined to ignore reality, Blair insists that terrorist bombings in London have nothing to do with Britain’s involvement in Iraq.  The source of the problem, he added, is an ideology that must be rooted out.  The prime minister wants to shut down Islamic schools that preach hatred and violence toward the West, but, if he were really serious, he...

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