Christianity: Happy Holidays? Bah! Humbug!

Christianity: Happy Holidays? Bah! Humbug!
pated in his elementan' school's "hohday\r\nconcert." h: his school system, the great\r\nmajorih' of students are white and Christian,\r\n\\et onK' two Christmas carols were\r\nsung, and one of them was "Feliz Navidad."\r\nThis small concession to Christmas\r\nwas more than outweighed by the\r\ntwo Kwanza songs, the two f^anukkah\r\nsongs, the Ramadan song, and the Chinese\r\nNew Year song the children also\r\nperformed. (I suspect that all the non-\r\nChristmas songs are recent concocHons,\r\nwritten for such drear\\- occasions as contcmporar\\'\r\npublic school "winter concerts.")\r\nAnother illustrahon of the multicrdtural\r\nmadness came from a friend whose\r\ndaughter attends public school in another\r\nsuburb that is oyerwhelmingly white\r\nand Chrishan. She brought home an exercise\r\ndesigned to help the children learn\r\nto tell time. The exercise featured the\r\nfollowing "holiday schedule" for a "winter\r\nholida\\' part) ":\r\nMake Kwanzaa mkekas: 12:00\r\nnoon\r\nMake Chrishnas cookies: 12:30\r\np.m.\r\nLi.sten to a story about Ramadan:\r\n1:00 p.m.\r\nPla\\- the dreidel game: 1:30 p.m.\r\nBreak a pinata: 2:00 p.m.\r\nMake Diwali powder designs: 2:30\r\np.m.\r\nCo on a Chinese New Year parade:\r\n3:00 p.m.\r\nThe sheer inanit)' of these examples (and\r\nof the countless others that could have\r\nbeen included) is striking. But the most\r\nimportant thing about the transformation\r\nof Christmas to "holiday" is how needless\r\nit was, and how it was the product not...

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