Christian No More

C.S. Lewis wrote about the “death of words.”  In essence, he suggested that, whenever we feel compelled to append a noun with the adjectives true or real, it is safe to say that the noun has lost its meaning, or died.  “No, no, we’re true conservatives.”  There’s my example.

So what do you do, then?  Do you bury the rotting logos and fire up a neologism?  “Thou art thyself,” quoth Juliet, “though not a Montague.”  To which Romeo replied, “Call me but love, and I’ll be new baptiz’d.”  Of course we know that, upon receiving his girlfriend’s ablution, all of Master Love’s problems were solvéd.

Today, we have Christian hip-hop that “kicks it Jesus-style”; Christian denominations that employ clergy who deny every single proposition of the Nicene Creed; and Christian nations whose god is mammon.  Some of us find ourselves using terms like nominal Christian and true Christian.

Has the word Christian died?  And if so, what’s to be done by those of us who are, er, the People Formerly Known As Christians?

Drop it!  That’s what an increasing number of American PFKACs are doing.  They are no longer Christians; they are Christ-followers.

Now this appellation has been bouncing...

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