Christian Democracy? No Such Thing

Everyone hails democracy as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but very few realize—or dare realize—that democracy actually represents one of the most perfect forms of tyranny, because it is one the average citizen is loath to acknowledge as such.

It is indeed very simply a matter of taking into serious consideration the basic definition of democracy as a political system in which the people are the only legitimate and therefore sovereign rulers, the only legitimate and therefore sovereign legislators, and the ultimate judge in all possible matters.  History incontrovertibly shows that powerful men have not always been kind to their fellow men, and particularly to those expected to obey them.  But instead of wondering whether this was owing to human frailty, our contemporaries have overwhelmingly deemed illegitimate not only any brute power but any authority exercised by some men over others.  To add “without their consent” is highly ambiguous.  The pupil’s consent to the teacher’s authority is not so much a consent as an obligation that he may, but should not, spurn.  Whereas in a democracy, even if some obligation may arise from consent, there can be, since the citizen is sovereignly free, no obligation that preempts his sovereign freedom.  So in democracy, true to its definition, citizens are still expected to obey some authority (in principle democracy...

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