Children of the Revolution

We are all children of the Revolution.  Wherever we look, in the office or at church, whatever professions we examine or traditions we cherish, we are hard pressed to discover a single significant aspect of human experience that has not been transformed by a perpetual revolution that has inverted all the ancient truths and turned all institutions upside down and against the purposes they originally served.  Military officers promote a social agenda that undermines the defense of the nation; clergymen preach a gospel concocted out of Marxism, feminism, and homosexualism; teachers spend their lives emptying their students’ heads of anything true or useful; scholars and writers who should be seeking and sharing truth devote themselves to telling the Big Lie with a dedication that would have warmed the cockles of Dr. Goebbels’ cold cold heart.  The left has truly triumphed.

The left, in the technical sense, came into existence during the French Revolution, but the principles—or rather the attitudes—of the left were manifest centuries earlier, in the ironic moral subversion of Montaigne and Voltaire, in Descartes’ rejection of tradition, in the sexual liberation and neopaganism of Renaissance Florence.  Those towering geniuses of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment wrote the playbook for the revolutions that destroyed monarchy and aristocracy, subverted the Church, stripped away property rights and...

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