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Children of a Lesser God?

The plight of Iraq’s Christian community—as followers of the Prince of Peace flee from the country they have lived in since ancient times, their homes and churches burned, their children kidnapped and raped, their priests murdered—has elicited barely any reaction from either the White House or the Muslim government it supports.  The destruction of the world’s oldest Christian community, something Chronicles had foreseen even before the invasion of Iraq, has continued apace since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s relatively tolerant secular regime, with the murder of a Catholic priest and three deacons on June 3 the latest depressing chapter in the story of a militant Islam unleashed by the war.

Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly of the Chaldean Catholic Church condemned the latest murders as

a most horrible act against God, against humanity, against their own brothers who are peace loving citizens, as well as men of religion who always offered their prayers to God the Almighty for security and stability in Iraq.

According to media reports, a car carrying the men, as well as the wife of one of the deacons, was stopped by Muslim gunmen on the streets of Mosul.  The woman was ordered out of the car, then the gunmen shot the priest and his companions repeatedly.  The car was booby-trapped, and the bodies could not be removed until security forces defused...

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