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Chewing the Toad

There’s a sucker born every minute.

For just $99.00 and a used ticket stub for Wonder Woman, if you order by midnight tonight, you can enroll in a course on Healing Toxic Whiteness.  It is taught by a young woman named Sandra Kim, a person of “multiple marginalized identities,” as she describes herself; with what psychiatric precision is unknown.  Her website, Everyday Feminism, features her picture right up front: She’s a pretty young woman of presumably Korean ancestry, who also leads online courses on “Everyday Self-Love and Relationships” and “Compassionate Activism.”  She claims a readership of 150 million people.  The day I accessed her site, the heading asked me, “Is ethical non-monogamy for you?”

Not for me.  Maybe veridical perjury, or blasphemous piety, or a Quaker throwing hand grenades, or a feminist making sense.  For laughs, give me the humorless every time.

But I am “toxic,” according to her and others selling the new fashion in liberal millinery, because I am “white” (my Italian skin is rather dark), male (you bet), heterosexual (normal), and married (more normal).  I shudder to admit that I am also an orthodox Roman Catholic who meets once a week with others of his tribe to offer up their cabal’s Founder in a bloodless sacrifice.

Toxic whiteness, indeed.  I know what...

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