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Cheney Logorrhea

Pat Buchanan is one of our favorite people and is certainly a source of inspiration for many of our readers.  However, in a recent column entitled “Obama Avoids the Crocodile,” he defends Barack Obama’s decision not to release the horrendous Abu Ghraib photos (some of which show rapes of prisoners by American and Iraqi soldiers) and cites none other than Dick Cheney as the victor in a battle against wishy-washy liberals who want an investigation into the torture chambers of the Bush era.  “Whatever one may think of Dick Cheney,” Pat avers, “about him it must be said: He is not ashamed of his record.  He does not apologize for it.  He is willing to go out and defend it in the arena.”  Well, yes, but to what effect?  Here, after all, is a former vice president who left office with a 13-percent approval rating.  Republicans are horrified by his increased visibility, and the dueling speeches of late May, in which both Cheney and the President presented their views on national security and torture, were another victory for the Democrats, who would like nothing better than to see the Old Crocodile as the post-election symbol of the GOP.

The idea that “Cheney is winning” the debate is ludicrous: Is there a more unpopular figure in American politics?  Even Rod Blagojevich seems to evoke a more sympathetic public response.  After all, Rod is about corruption, greed,...

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