Cultural Revolutions

Charities Off the Dole

As of June 1, residents of the Land of Lincoln are free to enter into civil unions, which allow same-sex couples to enjoy the benefits, protections, and responsibilities under Illinois law that are granted to spouses.  According to the richly appointed homosexual-rights movement that lavished funds and exerted pressure upon the politicians who passed the legislation, this is a precursor to a law instituting “gay marriage”—as it has been in other Blue States, where it’s easier to legislate ideology than to fix practical matters.

Last December the bill that made it possible—the incongruously named Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act—was passed by a lame-duck legislature controlled by Democrats purporting to be Catholic.  Another self-professed Catholic, Gov. Pat Quinn, signed it into law despite the ineffectual urgings of such Church leaders as Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George.  Governor Quinn, you see, has a lot of moral qualms—he believes in a lot of things passionately—but not when it comes to disobeying his self-formed conscience.  Obeying Church authority would have meant rejecting a mint of moolah from anti-Church groups like the gay-rights lobbyists backing the bill and the $428,000 he took from a radically pro-abortion group during the last election.

The very day after this civil-unions law took effect, Governor Quinn and newly elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel...

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