Chained Bible

The Church of England is now a citadel of advanced liberalism.  It went over to secularism long ago, and its zealots intensify their hold upon doctrine and practice.  The charge sheet includes, but is not confined to, support for the transgender lobby, for illegal immigrants, and for pandenominational movements.  The Church smiles upon the “marriage” of gays and is open to their vows being solemnized in its buildings.  The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is well remembered for advocating sharia and the rights of Muslims.  He thought the coming of sharia, as a parallel system of civil law incorporated into Britain’s laws, to be “inevitable.”  This was a quaint position for a leader of the Christian Church.  The present Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has been assailed by spiritual doubts.  He has said on ITV that he does not understand why fundamentalist Christians in the U.S. support Donald Trump.  Welby was a prominent voice for the Remain campaign in the referendum, as were most bishops, and Remainers are still vocal and determined.  A symbolic victory for them came in the recent general election, when the parliamentary constituency of Canterbury voted Labour—the first time since St. Thomas à Becket, it was said, that Canterbury had not voted right wing.  But the rise of liberalism does not go unchallenged. ...

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