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Jack Trotter has written a most unfortunate article (“Conservative Education: Caveat Emptor!,” Views, September), at least as it concerns Hillsdale College.  I have been here for 40 years, and what he describes has very little to do with the reality of this lovely little school.  I doubt that he has ever been here; in fact, what he writes about “conservative education” makes me wonder if he has ever been on any of the campuses he discusses.  I may be wrong.  I don’t know Professor Trotter, though I have enjoyed several of his essays in Chronicles.  But about Hillsdale, he is, quite simply, wrong.

It is clear that he has picked up his notions about Hillsdale from various of its publications and the internet.  Even those he has given a very selective reading, especially in choosing an offhand paragraph from a president who has not been on this campus for over 14 years to make the ridiculous (and false) point that Hillsdale conflates Christianity and free enterprise.  That Hillsdale “claims” a circulation of Imprimis does happen to be true, and even the most superficial checking with somebody who knows about it would reveal that the mailing list is one of the best protected, and of the highest integrity, in all of direct-mail marketing.


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