Cultural Revolutions

Catholics and Sarah Palin

John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate was surprising, but the surprise pales in comparison to the reaction of conservative Christians, especially Catholics.  In their sudden race to endorse McCain-Palin, they have cast aside any questions about the complementarity of the sexes, or even the late John Paul II’s “theology of the body.”

Catholic laymen who have always voted Republican but were unhappy with McCain were, not surprisingly, the first to crumble at the sight of the moose-hunting, pistol-packing, pro-life mother of five, but I have also heard orthodox priests say that they wish Mrs. Palin were at the top of the ticket.  And one well-known traditionalist Catholic is even implying that it might be sinful to vote for a third-party candidate instead of for McCain.  (In fairness, he sees the pick of Palin as one of several signs that the Republican Party is avowedly pro-life with no exceptions in this election cycle.)

The negative reactions have been few and far between.  One Catholic mother of seven, upon hearing the news, wondered why the mother of a four-month-old child (let alone a child with Down syndrome) would want to run for vice president.  Of course, that same child was born prematurely after Palin, leaking amniotic fluid, refused to cancel her keynote speech at a Republican Governors Association conference.  The Palins chose not to abort...

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