Between the Lines

Catch, Release, Repeat

The photo went viral: a little girl crying after she’d been separated from her mother at the U.S.-Mexican border.  Time photoshopped it so that the little girl was crying while the Evil Donald Trump looked down at her, looming over her like some giant troll as she sobbed for her mother.  It was tweeted and retweeted, Facebooked and emailed, while the political class went ballistic with outrage.  How could this be happening in our country?  Trump is a Nazi!  Abolish ICE!

Oh, the air was thick with righteousness!  That little girl became the focus of the left’s latest “save the children campaign,” as thousands of illegal aliens swarmed at the border, defying the Trump administration’s new policy of “arrest and detain.”

There was just one problem: It turned out that the little girl had never been separated from her mother, as was alleged.  Her mother had left her home country without the consent of her father, who objected to his wife making their young daughter—two years of age—endure a journey via smuggler to the United States.  The smuggler was paid $6,000.  It also turns out that the mother wasn’t fleeing oppression or violence—she just wanted “a better life,” as she explained to reporters.  She had been previously deported back to Honduras in 2013 but was determined to try again. ...

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