Cast-Iron Man

Cast-Iron Man
ficially, Colombian police killed Escobar.\r\nBut tliere will always be questions\r\nabout who was or wasn't there on that final\r\nday. ,'\\ceording to Bowden, some on\r\nhand say U.S. Delta 1^'orce operatives\r\nw ere at the scene; odiers sav it was simply\r\na Colombian operation. U.S. Special\r\nForces had spent months training Colombia's\r\npolice in the techniques of manhunting.\r\nFor them, Escobar's demise\r\nmeant success. But in terms of U.S. polie\\\r\ngoals, it meant nothing. Escobar's\r\ndeath killed the Medellin cartel, but the\r\nCali cartel stepped into the breach, and\r\nthe drugs continued to tlov\\' north.\r\nAs an investigative journalist, Bowden\r\nhad a responsibility to dig up the facts\r\nand tell a good storv. Bv diose standards,\r\nKilling Pablo is indisputably a journalistic\r\nsuccess. There remain. liowe\\er,\r\nplent}- of questions for readers to ponder.\r\nAmerica's ravenous appetite for cocaine,\r\ncombined with its prohibition of\r\nthe srdjstancc, created monsters like\r\nPablo Escobar. Had circumstances been\r\ndifferent, Escobar might never have been\r\nknown outside of Medellin. As it was, he\r\nbecame a threat to democracy and justice.\r\nThe Americans who hunted Escobar,\r\nBowden writes, knew that bringing\r\nhim down would ha\\'e no impact on the\r\namount of drugs going north. Thus, our\r\nfrondine troops in the drug war realized\r\nthc\\' were losing, even as the\\' beat k^scobar.\r\nhi f;iet, the campaign against Escobar\r\nprobabh'...

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