Caring in Colorado (and Everywhere)

Not long ago I attended a dinner hosted by a Catholic laymen’s organization in the social hall of a church on Colorado’s Front Range.  The meal was followed by after-dinner speeches and concluding remarks by an official representing the organization.  “We are caring Catholics of Colorado” were almost the first words out of her mouth.  I missed the rest of what she said after that, because I went to the bar for another drink and was away from the table a long time.  I would bet my tickets on Queen Mary 2 next fall that this woman had no idea that her unhappy choice of words represents the modern ideological liberalism that is the sworn enemy of the Catholic Church in Colorado, and everywhere.

The carelessness with which this word caring is strewn about these days is an unmistakable sign that, in the contemporary world, there is precious little of the real thing but plenty of the ideological sort.  The sorry adjective has achieved sacred status and passed beyond the reach of satire and even of irony, like the nouns diversity and tolerance.  Unfortunately, our middle classes have a tin ear when it comes to language, which is why this poor Catholic lady was capable of uttering that awful sentence.  One might protest that the awful sentence was only that, an awful sentence, at best a lapse in rhetorical taste.  Unfortunately, there is a great deal more...

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