Vital Signs

Campus Rebellion

It’s a story told regularly in the conservative media.  A student pleads for advice: The professors at his college or university are left-wing, and he must choose between regurgitating the leftist propaganda in class discussions, term papers, exam answers, and essays for an A, or telling the truth for a low grade.  What to do?

The reporter or journalist almost always responds that the student should say and submit (for four years!) whatever the professor wants and graduate to the real world with his honors degree.  Such a course of action leads to self-deception and, gradually, sincere conversion—or to lying throughout one’s postgraduate career.  At minimum, it leaves less independent students in that class thinking that everything the professor teaches must be true, or someone would have spoken up.  Many parents, if they knew all this, would bankrupt themselves to send their child to one of the handful of honest, scholarly, military or religious colleges and universities in America, or refuse to pay a cent for “higher education” and probably doom their child, however academically gifted, to a career in fast-food restaurants or garages, while the colleges swing further leftward.

I faced this same dilemma for many years, three postgraduate degrees and two successful careers ago.  The choice was especially difficult for me because I had a double major: English and history, both playgrounds...

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