Under the Black Flag

Calling a Spade a Spade

Nicholas Soames is Winston Chur­chill’s grandson—his mother being Winny’s only living child—a Conservative member of Parliament since the mid-70’s, a very large man whose food and drink intake is legendary, and an old friend of mine with whom I used to get into terrible trouble (but the less said about that the better).  Soames has been married twice, his first wife having indiscreetly answered a hack’s question about his lovemaking as “like being crushed by a large wardrobe with a small key sticking out.”  An amicable divorce soon followed.

As it happens Soames holds no grudge against his ex, but if he did he might soon be able to call on the forces of law and order, and actually have her jailed for committing a hate crime.  Indeed, a proposed addition to U.K. hate-crime legislation (Equality Act 2010) could make outlaws of countless schoolchildren who use the word fat or fatty, considering it a crime on par with racism and homophobia.

All I can say is God help us if it becomes a crime to call someone fatty.  Next we’ll have people with ginger hair being protected, short folk ditto, and on down the line.

What is preposterous is the assumption that sneering bureaucrats know what is good for us.  The thinking behind the proposed Orwellian law is that too many children are worried...

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