California, Here We Come

California, Here We Come
California, Here We Come\r\nKat}', Bar the Door\r\nby Roger D. McGrath\r\nIt lias happened. Whites ha\\c heeii redueed to a miiioritv in\r\nCahfornia. By whites, I mean, of eourse, "non-His|3anic\r\nwhites," beeanse most of the iUegal ahens nho have poured\r\naeross the border from Mexieo during the last 30 \\ ears to\r\nchange dramaticalK the eomposihon of California's popnlahon\r\nare mestizo, a mixture of Spanish and American hidian, though\r\nsome —especialK' those illegal aliens whose origin is Guatemala\r\n—seem pureh' hidian. hidian or mestizo, die new population\r\n(which also includes significant numbers of SaKadorans)\r\nlittle resembles the Mexicans descended from old California\r\nfamilies who lobbied successfulK during the 192()'s to be designated\r\nas "white" in the census.\r\n.Mthough die numbers are both debated, there are probabK'\r\nfi\\e to se\\eii million illegal aliens and children of illegal aliens\r\nin California. Some 80 percent of these are of Mexican origin.\r\nThis unchecked flow of illegal immigrants has made California\r\n30 percent I.ahno. Americans of European descent now make\r\nup onl\\' 47 percent of die popidation, widi Asians at 11 percent\r\nand blacks at 6 percent. .As reecuHv as 1970, whites were more\r\ndian 80 percent of the popidation. The total popnlahon is now\r\ns4 million, an increase of 12 million since 1970, and none of\r\nthis growdi has come from the luiropean-Amcrican population.\r\nSince die earl\\- 1970's, more whites...

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