California, Here We Come

California, Here We Come
drcn eacli. The rate is quite remarkalile, espeeialh wlien we\r\nconsider that Mormon women in Utah ha\\e sHglitK' fewer than\r\nthree children each. Cahfornia's schools reflect these hirthratcs.\r\nThe Los Angeles Unified School District (TAUSD),\r\nwhich was nearl\\ 70 percent white as recenth' as the carl\\-\r\n1970's, is now 71 percent Lahno and onh 9.9 percent white.\r\nThe schools of the San Fernando \\ alle\\', which are part of the\r\nIAUSD, were know n for their homogenous white eomposihon\r\nwell into the 197()'s. Most of the \\alle\\' schools were more than\r\n90 percent white, and man\\' of diein were almost exclusi\\el\\'\r\nwhite, until husing and then illegal immigration hegaii effecting\r\ndramatic changes during the 197(rs. Toda\\-, the schools\r\nthat were once the bastion of the white middle class are 66 percent\r\nI .atino and on]\\ 19 percent white.\r\nMost of the schools in North Hollywood, a porhon of the\r\nea,stcrn San Fernando Vallev, have become more dian SO percent\r\nLahno, and Fnglish is taught as a second language. These\r\nschools recei\\e millions of dollars in federal funding under Title\r\n1. The schools arc required to spend one to two percent of the\r\nmoney on the .students' parents, most of whom are illegal aliens.\r\nThe bulk of the moue\\' is used to pro\\ide e\\er\\- classroom with a\r\nteaching assistant and each school with a truant officer, a counselor,\r\na nurse, a ps\\chiatrist, and a social worker. Mone\\ also\r\ngoes to the establishment...

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